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About Us

Rosie was our Jack Russell and former Chief Executive Officer. She was a brilliant dog and her name lives on!

I am Steve Hughes.  Farmers son.  Ex factory worker.  Not scared of hard work.  Old and bald, but learning the banjo.  (As if that would help!)

Why Triple D? Well, the farm name is ‘Dafarn Dywyrch’ which translated into English means Turf Tavern.  Dafarn Dywyrch was  mentioned by Charles Darwin, whilst on an archaeologist tour of North Wales.  George Borrow had a conversation at the property with an ancestor of mine when he wrote ‘Wild Wales’ in 1862.  The pub was one of many on the same road, used by drovers. Triple D then, stands for ‘Drovers at Dafarn Dywyrch’.   (In 1795 it was known as the ‘Cross Foxes’). 

From my initial 5 gallons of cider made in 2005 we now have over 1000 standard apple trees made up of 69 different varieties, all trying their best to cling on at 1000 feet above sea level.  I have now got a feel for those apple varieties that work well up here (and the ones that rather wish they lived further South).

Cider making has taken over, the cider is made by pressing apples to get juice.  No concentrate, water or 'fruit flavours' are added - just a premium full juice cider pressed entirely out of apples, right here.


Rosie - Former Plant Manager / CEO

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