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Triple D

Triple D is the most important cider I produce.  Ever since the first 5 gallons I pressed back in 2005, it's flavour has remained remarkably consistent in a world of constant change.

It has become a multi-award winning cider, having won highly prestigious awards every year since that first batch     (up to now!)

What is it about Triple D? - well the juice is pressed here on the farm from a blend of 69 different apple varieties and like my other ciders, it is a full-juice cider.  By this, I mean it hasn't been diluted and it hasn't had concentrate added to it.  So the ABV is 'Robust' 

The cider is made and matured in stainless steel vessels which help lock-in and retain the clean, great appley taste.  For a real, craft produced cider, the flavour is a little 'gentler' than a rough, high tannin scrumpy, but has more about it than lower ABV alternatives. 

         Our 2015 dry cider

- 100% fermented apple juice, farm pressed here in Llandegla 

- Matured in 316 stainless steel vessels

- Available in draught, Dry Medium or Sweet.  Still cider, slight haze.

- Triple D bottled cider available Dry, Medium or Sweet.  Lightly carbonated, Gin bright

Price: £3.50 per 500ml bottle

Price: £17.50 - 5 litre bag in box, from the farm

10Litre bag in box £35.00 2 Month shelf life

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