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Welcome to Rosie's website! We are now in our fifteenth year of cider making.

I used to make country wines when I was a boy, but it took another 30 years before I thought making cider would be a good way to combine a number of my hobbies. 

For my first attempt at cider making, I collected apples from our own crab apple trees and added a few others from local sources.

These apples were pounded inside a stainless steel milk churn and then pressed inside a stainless steel lined garage press. After about 9 hours work, I got 5 gallons of juice which fermented naturally. 

By now, I had joined the Welsh Perry and Cider Society and responded to a call for entries to the CAMRA Bottled Cider Competition at Reading 2006. Astonishingly, our 4 bottles of this first cider won gold! I was now hooked!

I've been very lucky in that my cider and perry has won significant awards every year since I started - which in turn provided me with the confidence and incentive to develop the cider making hobby.  Well, the hobby grew horns and in 2011, I became a full time cider maker - that's it, that's what I do for a living.  

What I really like about making cider is that the type and scope of the work changes every couple of months and within that timeframe, the job roles can change by the minute!   There is usually a fresh challenge on the horizon, one of the repeat jobs is trying to keep the trees pointing upwards.  Storm Ali and Connor knocked me back a bit I can tell you! 

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